June 14, 2011


Do we keep a secret? Yes we did. We keep secret from our parent, family, partner, and even friends. I need to admit that not all stuff we can share with others. But it must depends on situation. Example like, let say if u tell your partner about this stuff, it will hurt them. Better u keep it yourself. But, how if your partner has find out about your secret by them self? I think it will hurt them more. Then how? If u want to keep that secret you must bury it deep inside your heart. Don't let them smell it.

How if u has a very sensitive partner? They still can smell your secret even you hide it very deep inside. U will torture them indirectly if u still keep that secret. In this case, u need to tell your partner about your secret even it will hurt them. Better u tell them, if not it will be more worst. Sooner or later they can accept it.

In relationship, the most important thing is trust. U need to trust your partner. U can't hide everything from them. He/she is a part from your life right? Let your partner be your best best friend. If u let them be your best best friend, u guy will know them better because u guy got each other secret. Right? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Dont let your partner waiting about it.

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