June 13, 2011

Dear my boyfriend

I want to wake up next to you while you’re still sleeping. I want to hear your soft breaths and laugh at the way you look when you sleep: mouth open, body sprawled on our bed. I want to wake up to this everyday of my life; you’re just that amazing. And when I stare into your eyes, I don’t just see my reflection staring back. If I look a little deeper, I can honestly say that I see my whole future; the rest of my life staring right back at me.

But know that I’ll always be there for you, no matter which paths our lives take. God forbid, if we ever broke up, know that I’d still be there to support you, care for you, love you in anyway that you needed. I’ll be there to care for our kids when you’re out sick. I’ll take them to soccer practice, ballet classes, and karate lessons. When you’re sad, I’ll make your favorite food. I'll give your favorite hug. I'll give your favorite kiss. What else do you need? I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy, because you've done that for me. You really make me happy.

We have so many possibilities between the two of us. But for now, I’ll really enjoy be with you. I really enjoy be your girl. I love you. I love u, Mohd Syafick Effandi.

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