December 02, 2011

A story about shoe

I love high heels. Really love it. I start wearing high heels during I was 18. That time I was in college and I felt like want to wear it. Before this I really hates to wear something girlish especially shoes with a heels. Even it just a bit heels or a flat. I really hates that.

I still remember when I was in secondary school, I went to mall with my sister to buy shoes for raya. They want to buy a flat shoe for me. It really piss me off. I really hate that shoes, during that time. I said I don't want to wear a flat shoe because it make a noise like "klepek2" when I walk and it sound so girlish, haha. Then they asked me what kind of shoes I want and I said this sandal. It so simple, don't have any flower but it not look like normal sandal, for me. But not for them. They refused to buy that sandal for me at first because they said it just an ordinary sandal. But lastly they give up and buy it.

I will laugh at my own when I remember about it. That story is about past few years. But now I really loves girlish stuff especially heels. When I was 18, I wear my sister wedges go to college. Her wedges no so high, just about 2 inch I think. I secretly wear her wedges actually, haha. What make me more love to wear heels is, I'm not feel any pain during wear that wedges. Not only pain, but I didn't feel awkward. I can walk comfortbly just like I walk in a flat shoes.

I've got my own wedges when I was 19. I buy 3 inch wedges from vincci. Since that I really can't see any new design of heels or wedge because I will make that I own that shoes. Even I need to make a bit sacrifice, haha. But the weird thing is, I just interested with a high heels that is 3 inch or more. It's maybe because I'm just short and want to pretend to walk like a runway model. Haha very funny.

Thank god I love girlish stuff now because with that I know that i still straight, huhu. Now every time I wear something girlish or wear a heels my sisters always make a joke with me about my pass.

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